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Studio Marco Viola

Marco Viola lives and works in Udine. In 1992 he founded “Studio Viola” and he has been working for 25 years with renewed italian and international brands in the fields of art direction, brand coding, dedicated graphics, interior decoration, scenography and master planning. Marco Viola cannot be defined as an Architect or an Interior Designer, if we just consider the academic education, but as a curious traveller, attracted from the beauty of the objects, their nature and relevant coordination. For Marco Viola every project, every scenography or photo shooting are Wunderkammer (Wonderland room) of objects of everyday use. The enhancement of a space, of a product, of a project passes through this conception: build new space and decorative concepts by unusual use of everyday objects.Every detail becomes essential, and above all, it can be used in an unconventional manner. Moreover there is the use of color to enhance every project: color helps the definition of the look and the use of the spaces, color guides the viewer to understand the object, color suites every environment to be functional. Moreover there’s also the experience through the years with various companies, the total opening to evaluate mélange of experience and providing them in every project. Studio Marco Viola has collaborated with the most renewed companies.