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Private house

Vilnius, Lithuania

Year: 2017

This private villa built in 2017 in Lithuania’s capital was the perfect opportunity to experiment with a unified, cohesive interior design by Potocco. The Bon Bon dining table by Alexander Lorenz and Velis club chairs by Mario Ferrarini create the perfect setting for family dinners and evenings with friends. In particular, the table with a marble top stands out for the intertwining metal bands at the base, the distinctive feature of the entire Bon Bon collection. Conversely, the Velis chairs have a warmer and cozier appearance thanks to their colors and the wood’s texture. But Potocco’s touch can also be found in the kitchen with its Miura stools by Enrico Franzolini and Cristian Malisan. Arranged around the bar table, these contemporary stools create a cohesive look in the two rooms.